February 11, 2016  
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Designing Engaging Lessons

Designing Engaging Lessons

The design and delivery of engaging lessons is critical in unlocking student potential. The key to school success is found in identifying or creating engaging schoolwork for students. This training focuses on alignment of what is expected in the classroom to what is being done in the classroom. Teachers will be trained in The Instructional Design and Delivery; a framework for teachers to assist in the design and delivery of lessons – lessons that engage the students and involve them in their learning. Participation in this training will result in becoming familiar with the state standards and designing lessons aligned to the standards. Teachers will learn how to deconstruct state standards to provide students with the necessary content to perform well on state assessments. Teachers learn how to ensure that their designed lessons are tightly aligned to the delivery of instruction that will engage students in their learning. This process is the key to beginning to differentiate instruction for students based on their needs. Research-based instructional strategies are imbedded in all modules and teachers learn how these strategies can create student centered learning along with impacting student achievement.


Designing Engaging Lessons (1 Full Day)

Participants will…

· Deconstruct state standards to understand what students need to know and be able to do to master the standard at each grade level.

· Design student-friendly learning objectives based on the standards.

· Determine academic vocabulary to be taught and used

· Develop effective target questions that promote metacognition.

· Design lessons and assessments aligned to content and rigor of the state standards.

· Use the framework to design lessons that will engage learners in grade-appropriate learning activities aligned to the state standards.



· Designing Engaging Lessons is meant for teachers, principals and instructional leaders.

· Client-booked trainings are full at 40.



· This training can be delivered in its entirety in 1 day.

· Designing Engaging Lessons is one-day training.

· Schedule is 8:00am to 4:00pm.



· District sponsored trainings will take place at the district or campus sites.


Getting Started: To discuss your options for implementation or for answers to any questions, please call or email Learning Keys at 800-927-0478



"Learning Keys training and professional support throughout this process has been instrumental in our quest for high levels of learning for our students."




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