Dr. Daya Hill, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment – Pine Tree ISD, Texas

Learning keys has played an integral role in moving PTISD in a positive direction that benefits both instructional staff and students. The focused coaching sessions are valuable to our administrative team consisting of both district and campus administrators by building intellectual capacity as well as creating a common language.

The Data Walks process has been valuable for all PTISD administrators and instructional staff. The most crucial piece is training teacher leaders from all campuses in the Data Walks process. This allows the participants to see that the process is not about individual teachers, but about building systems that will enhance student achievement.

Conducting Data Walks with Tammy McKee allows us to enhance our inter-rater reliability amongst administrators and teacher leaders while building capacity and creating a common language.


Wes Kirkham, Executive Director of Instructional Services – Texarkana ISD, Texas

Learning Keys has provided Texarkana ISD with a wide variety of high quality, effective professional development for the past six years. The Data Walks process brought a new and exciting focus on research-based, engaging instructional strategies, and we now have a common language and a systemic process for ensuring quality instruction in every classroom. The Intentional Coaching provided our instructional coaches and leaders with a process and strategies to grow and support experienced and new teachers in our district. The professional development and the processes that Learning Keys has provided have been transformational to our learning community.


Cindy Cowan, Principal Junior and Senior High School Rocky Ford School District, Colorado

By far, the best professional development I have received in 20+ years in education. The data walks and curriculum development trainings laid the foundation for our turnaround success as a school.


Dr. Sharon Ross, Superintendent, Mexia ISD, Texas

Data talks and data walks…immediately change the level of engagement in each classroom when you teach teachers and administrators how to increase the use of research based strategies and connect students to the objectives and student expectations being taught! As Superintendent, I am thrilled to hear students explain what they are learning and not what they are doing when I enter the classroom. I have also been pleased with the ability to track the data online and provide data walk reports to my school board.


Keri Thoele, Assistant Superintendent, Groesbeck ISD, Texas

“Design & Delivery is a spot-on, research-based approach to creating an engaging learning environment. When I was being trained for the new teacher evaluation system (T-TESS), I kept thinking that the Learning Keys training supported the teacher growth model perfectly in both the planning and instruction domains.”


Melody Sadler, Director of Special Programs –Special Education and RTI,  Groesbeck ISD, Texas

The Learning Keys consultant did an excellent job of facilitating my special education teachers in becoming more aware of the data necessary from standardized testing to monitor student instructional needs. The focus for special education was on how we could keep the special education teachers in line with using the same readiness standards as general education teachers. She also helped in facilitating our district RTI by looking at the District Response to Intervention plan. We met to evaluate the RTI plan, streamline district RTI forms and revised the RTI district plan to include the changes and goals for the district.


Nancy Yeary, Assistant Superintendent, Lampasas ISD, Texas

Learning Keys takes well known proven researched based strategies and organizes them into a purposeful way in order for teachers to effectively implement them into their classrooms. Teachers are able to reflect on each individual strategy and improve classroom instruction based on data. Through Learning Keys trainings administrators gain the knowledge and tools to lead at the district and campus level in order to equip staff to meet instructional demands. The personal support learning keys provides to schools sets them apart from other organizations.