Are you investing money into human resources such as academic coaches, instructional coaches or mentor teachers? Do you see this investment truly changing instruction so that it impacts student achievement? If you are like many that have these resources and know that the strategy may be a good one, but also know that the money invested is not providing great return in student achievement then you need to know more about THE INTENTION COACH™.

This coaching model offers explicit guidelines with specific indicators of progress spelling out what teachers should know and be able to do in order to continue becoming “smarter” about improving student learning. Collectively, they represent a single, well-defined continuum of growth – a path focused on improving student performance, but built on the understanding that individual teachers will be walking it at different phases and different times. This process is a way to plot teacher’s growing capacity for collecting and analyzing student work, for using that information to plan instructional interventions, and for identifying and acquiring skills needed to meet student needs and grow academic achievement. The process is conducted over four Phases which includes explicit details centered on teacher preparation, collaboration, monitoring, mid-cycle review, secondary monitoring, and summative review.