When growing teacher capacity the processes used should be with an intentional focus that truly impacts student learning. Leaders should ask themselves the following questions. Do your teachers……

  • Use a standard aligned, coordinated, and articulated curriculum as their primary planning tool for instruction?
  • Use The Safety Net Standards to ensure that all students know and master the most essential skills?
  • Know how to use a tool to plan and deliver quality lessons that are rigorous and engaging for students?
  • Know how to design and deliver lessons that ensure that students authentically respond to school tasks by focusing on the ten qualities of student

Common Core Connection™
This solution is comprehensive and includes an actual usable curriculum document, professional development and implementation support. The Common Core curriculum guide is an in-depth, vertically aligned K-12 guide in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. It includes: Electronically stored documents that can be used “as is” or edited and customized to your needs, a 12 month subscription to download documents, an entire set of science (based on NGSS) reading, writing, and math, and a complete set of Safety Net Standards to prioritize learning. This professional development targets using the curriculum documents and Safety Net Standards in order to design and deliver effective, engaging and rigorous lessons.

Curriculum Development
This training equips teachers with the ability to identify and eliminate gaps, redundancies, and misalignments in curriculum and instruction programs. A comprehensive curriculum document with critical components needed to guide instructional planning is created from this process along with fostering dialogue among teachers about their work and connection of material from grade to grade. Documents for reading, writing, math, science, social studies and other subjects can be created.

The “Safety Net” Curriculum™

The purpose of the Safety Net is to empower teachers to make wise decisions about what is most important in the curriculum. The Safety Net is not a device to ignore everything else in the curriculum, but rather a mechanism to help teachers separate the critical elements of a curriculum from learning objectives that are less important. This tool is essential for identifying skills that should be taught and mastered during targeted intervention time (RTI, Special Education, tutorials, etc.)

Design and Delivery Series™

Designing Engaging Lessons This training focuses on alignment of state standards to what is being taught in the classroom. Teachers will be trained in a framework for designing student-friendly lessons that both engage the students and prepare for success in meeting state expectations. Designing Engaging Student Work™ utilizes the 10 qualities of schoolwork essential for designing a lesson which addresses grade-level standards and engages students in their learning. Delivering Engaging Lessons™ Teachers learn how to take the quality lesson they prepared in the design module and plan how to effectively teach it in a way that maximizes students’ understanding and long term retention. The training identifies and applies research-based instructional strategies that guide classroom practice and enhance student achievement.

Research-Based Instructional Strategies™
These ½ day training series allows teachers to continue to refine their skills in using the most effective strategies to engage students in their learning. Included are: Cooperative Learning, Effective Questioning, Identifying Similarities and Differences, Student to Student Feedback and Summarizing and Note Taking.

Collaborative Coaching™
A consultant will work with teachers to continue their growing capacity for collecting and analyzing student work, for using that information to plan instructional interventions, and for identifying and acquiring the kind of appropriate professional development that will enable them to do this more effectively.