The Intentional Teacher™

When growing teacher capacity the processes used should be with an intentional focus that truly impacts student learning. Leaders should ask themselves the following questions. Do your teachers…… Use a standard aligned, coordinated, and articulated curriculum as their primary planning


The Intentional Leader™

Are you deliberate and intentional about your leadership regardless of what your role is? Intentional leadership happens at all levels, from the classroom to the boardroom. New standards are requiring teams of instructional leaders to communicate, collaborate, and share responsibility


The Intentional Coach™

Are you investing money into human resources such as academic coaches, instructional coaches or mentor teachers? Do you see this investment truly changing instruction so that it impacts student achievement? If you are like many that have these resources and

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Learning Keys works with superintendents, principals, curriculum directors and teachers to mobilize the right curriculum, instruction and assessment tools to dramatically improve student performance and outperform state expectations. Learning Keys provides personalized strategies that have already touched the lives of

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By far, the best professional development I have received in 20+ years in education. The data walks and curriculum development trainings laid the foundation for our turnaround success as a school.

CINDY COWAN Principal Jr and Sr High School Rocky Ford School District, CO