Keys to Leadership and Legacy
Presented by: Tammy McKee & Debbie Payne, Learning Keys Partners, Inc.

TREA 2016 Summer Conference
Pre-Conference Session
FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
COST: $100 per participant

When looking at leading your school system you must look at how you are equipping your staff. How are you preparing your staff to be ready for the new teacher and principal evaluations? What support bases, tools and information do you have to help staff be successful? How do you know if your staff members are growth minded?

Whatever position you are in, it takes all of us to equip administrators and teachers for the expectations that they are facing. Come and join us as we spend a morning looking at the key components that will assist you and your staff in being successful leaders, leaders that leave a legacy. Participants will be led through a personal assessment to determine their level of “Teachability” which impacts their willingness to be lifelong learners. Roadblocks, characteristics, and how to develop a lifestyle of “Teachability” will be discussed. Tools will be provided to help you create individuals that understand the value of being “Teachable”.

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TREA 2016 Summer Conference – Pre-Conference Session, FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016

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