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Cleburne ISD

Learning Keys has helped the Cleburne ISD district-level curriculum and instruction team put research-based best practices into actionable goals, therefore, establishing a foundation for our teachers to build upon.

Dr. Andrea Hensley

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Texarkana ISD

Learning Keys has provided Texarkana ISD with the support and knowledge needed to effectively implement the Data Walks process and Intentional Coaching model across our district. The endeavors, during our partnership with Learning Keys, have given us quality training and a common language across the district as well as instructional data to drive professional learning, coaching, and feedback to teachers.

Christy Tidwell, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Texarkana ISD

New Diana ISD

Our teachers are motivated and empowered as a result of Learning Keys Data Walk training. We have seen a dramatic improvement in student learning across the district. Learning Keys is a must-have high-impact professional learning for your district!

Scott Farler, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, New Diana ISD

Dekalb ISD

The vision that Learning Keys holds in unlocking the potential in all educators speaks for itself. Data Walks provides opportunities to enhance planning on instructional strategies while also allowing our students to spend more time engaged in instruction as teachers focus more on the student thinking level of our students.  Learning Keys and the components of the Data Walk process is an exciting approach to growing, not only individually as an educator, but as a team. As educators, we ask students to become motivated as they set goals for themselves. This is exactly what Data Walks does for our staff at DeKalb Independent School District. As our team sets goals, Data Walks gives our teachers data driven results that we can actually see and grow from. I have personally seen so many teachers grow from being a part of the Learning Keys community.

Clayton Little, High School Principal - DeKalb ISD

Spring Hill ISD

I have taken part in Learning Keys Professional Development for the last thirteen years. Whether I am attending alone with my staff, everyone comes away from their sessions with valuable tools they can immediately use to impact student learning. Learning Keys always challenges me to be a better educator.

Rusty Robinett, High School Principal, Spring Hill ISD

Bremond ISD

I've worked with Learning Keys for about 11 years in four different school districts.  Streamlining systems for every component of school programs allows administrators and teachers to have clear, meaningful, INTENTIONAL conversations about student expectations and standards-based instruction.  Students and teachers outperform state expectations when we work together in this way! 

Shelli McNutt, Elementary Principal, Bremond ISD

Splendora ISD

Prior to Learning Keys we had a mentor program that supported more of a "buddy" approach to mentoring. The training offered with Learning Keys has helped us leverage our mentor program to become a true coaching model that uses their lesson design and learning walks tools. The design tools allow coaches and teachers to be intentional in their lesson planning conversations around use of design elements such as choice, novelty, and affiliation to name a few. The learning walks tool has helped us to stay focused on instruction that makes an impact such as aligned and articulated learning objectives, student engagement, assessment practices, and more. By using the tools we have been able to move away from a "buddy" approach, as well as, subjectivity and judgement to focus on what really matters -- teacher progress that positively impact student growth. 

Tami Greggerson, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Splendora ISD